Phu’s strange world

Hi there people of the world,my name is minh phu Hy, people call me phu, that’s pronounced fu and not poo!
Was born and raised in the uk and living in London for almost 28 years.


I am working as a Hairdresser on the kings road in Chelsea and am very much into fashion and technology as well as many other things like eating out and photography.
I chose to create a blog to Entertain 🙂 and also to keep up with what’s happening in the world weather it’s fashion, music or debates over islands!!
Don’t expect too much news on politics, there’s the times or the metro for that.

It would be appreciated if all you guys check back to my blog once in awhile as I will be updating news also about the salon and various events that take place.

So why after all this time have I decided to create a Blog?
Well could be boredom, could be lack of a social life, could also be the fact I wanna share my strange but wonderful life with you… But this is the Internet so I will let you guys decide for yourselves.
Came across this field of flowers in Japan a few months ago and caught some amazing shots.

Using my old dmc gf3 camera attached with a f1.4 25mm summilux lens


The pic above was taken using The same camera but with a fisheye lens f3.5 8mm.


So yeh.. I work as a hairdresser but like every young boy i wanted to be a footballer, you’re probably wondering how in the hell did I end up doing hairdressing?
At the time being young and of course CHINESE ( just in case you didn’t realise by my name)
Had my hair dyed and long with those old school curtains, can’t deny it at the time it was what I thought was the most “bad ass” hairstyle..

With no particular ambition besides being a footballer i went to see a careers advisor, why?
Becauses I needed help and that’s what they do.
A Chinese professional footballer? What was I thinking right? Lol
Anyway the lady advised me to try hairdressing and to cut the story short, I did it and love it to this day.
One things for certain, if you do something you love for a living, scream, shout, jump, damn.. Do the gangnam dance if it makes u happy.

Hari’s Salon Kings Road